Wednesday 31st August 2022

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Narrative Institute’s Public Policy Expert Achmad Nur Hidayat considers the government’s policy of disbursing additional social support of Rp. 24.17 trillion will not be comparable to the impact of the increase in subsidized fuel prices.

According to him, the social support that will be disbursed in the form of direct cash assistance (BLT) programs is also very small in terms of size. The targeted targets are also limited to only poor families.

“The BLT distributed is considered to be disproportionate to the magnitude of the impact,” said Achmad in a written statement, Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

The first program that Achmad criticized was BLT for 20.65 million beneficiary families worth Rp 600 thousand with a total budget of Rp 12.4 trillion. This money was paid four times in the amount of Rp. 150 thousand, but the payments were made twice, each of Rp. 300 thousand.

The second is the wage subsidy (BSU) of Rp 600 thousand for 16 million workers who have a maximum salary of Rp 3.5 million per month with a total budget of Rp 9.6 trillion. Third, the transfer of 2 percent of the General Allocation Fund (DAU) and Revenue Sharing Fund (DBH) for transportation subsidies in the regions, motorcycle taxis and fishermen, to other additional social protection. The total budget is IDR 2.17 trillion.

“BLT given to poor families is not anticipatory because it is not only the small community who are affected, the most affected are the middle class who will become the new poor group,” he said.